Dealing with self

23 01 2012

Early morning start and having a huge to do list in mind most of us ignore thousands of thoughts brain gives birth to. Well, I feel such people are lucky and blissful as they move on effortlessly overlooking the voice of heart and brain.
But there is second category; these people are vulnerable to surroundings. There is no doubt I belong to this category and hence have a mind at fire all the time.
May it be a conversation between to ladies in train about how their son and daughter in law treat them, may it be a young couple argument in friend circle on differences or may it is office, family politics . Everything acquires a place in senses and then starts building thoughts and hundreds of questions like why ? how? What? I almost breed sight of relief when I get into my work and later share it with someone really close and having wavelength to understand stuff. At times it heard you don’t find anyone and I suppose that time u write…heeeee.
I remember my friend making fun of me “ if by mistake you kill ant , you will think and grieve over it for hours”. [ It’s although an exaggeration]
Well, though I am happy being such an intense person. I feel it make me talk to myself. It gives me a chance to look at bad and good thing around me. I do look a lovely flower bed on road at early morning, a squirrel eating away my garden flowers, husband holding wife with care at shopping mall or a baby’s mischievous smile.
All this things that engross me makes me a sensible to relate to my audience because now I understand their experience. At time still I get chaotic with some questions like:
Why some people are so mean? How can someone be indifferent towards work or responsibility?
Why some others are so noble?
At the end who is happy, means or self-less?
Possibly I resolve this puzzle someday. Till then I take it as everyone is different may it be good or bad. I am no one to change others. I can change myself for good.
Just one thing to my friends, don’t ignore your inner thought as we learn to grow and live.
What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.


Stereotypes of teaching

20 01 2012

In my last school I was performing role of a teacher dealing with adolescence kids.
My management arranged a seminar for teacher to train them to deal with this so call semi adult age group. (As if they were monsters)One of the speakers posed a question to us (teacher’s crowd).
What do you expect from students when u enters class? Soon just like kids do teachers started calling answers ‘ I want them to notice me and stand up’ other one tuned out impatiently ‘ I want complete silence and then all of them should greet me’.
I very soon was speaking to myself ‘why? R u a colonel of army that kids stand in complete silence and wish u ?’ Noticing my mischievous smile on my face the speaker turned to me for answer. As always I had something which was controversial ‘Sir, I wish students first, give them a big smile and I don’t expect anything but still I always get back a smile or wish and that’s all’. Well as always my answer was not encouraged. Neither did I care.
Being an Indian teacher and working with so called international school in suburb I have come across different types of teaching role perceptions and majority of these are perceived by teachers themselves. Perceptions like:
Teachers have to be strict and not be friends with kids.
There is always a difference between a teacher and student.
Teacher cannot be wearing accessories and loving looking cloths.( Why r we ghost in grave)
Teachers always know more than kids in class.
Kid’s argument with teacher is teachers insult. (Which I felt a healthy atmosphere of class)
New ways and media are western approach influencing kids wrongly.
Student can’t eat and drink or nor go to wash room without teachers permission.( Whatever is the case)
OOOO… when I think of all this, I feel it’s hell to b a teacher or a student of such teachers.
Well …well…I m not against discipline, But with semi-Adult kids I think we can do with self discipline if at all we become ideal teacher rather than becoming typical teacher.
Well I always feel I teach and learn a lot from my kids in class. Every argument is new experience and opens up new door of thinking.
Humm, It reminds famous proverb ‘ Change yourself before you change world’.
I am happy, that I do have likeminded teachers who think kids are kids and we as a teacher need to cater them with great care and respect. Respect is not demanded it’s earned.


11 01 2012


I recall my days in school and college. Apart from friends and fun it’s hard to recall what part did I enjoy.

Yes, there were few educator‘s I recall who touched my life.

Years down the line, I am into schooling. This blog is for all those passionate educators who wish to make a difference. People who think teaching is beyond authority, loud voice, punishments, and remarks.

I find teaching is beyond all these …and ya not to miss out text book n discipline.



I am teacher because you are student

11 01 2012

I am teacher because you are student

I have heard few teachers murmuring “I don’t want to be known as good teacher, I want results, score and that will prove what I am .”

Well no offence, but such teacher struggle throughout year to get assignments done and pupils respect.( Which they say is not important but punish kids if not given).
I’ve seen teacher who is masters in subject she teaches, who is intellectual in their field but fail miserably in teaching.

For my starting years of teaching, I was always criticized by most of my fellow teachers.

This folks had a mindset that pupil love me or respect me because I am lenient and don’t punish them. Well! They weren’t completely wrong. But the complete fact was I never had to because they met my expectation and always keen on completing my assignments and project.

The key is being a good teacher. Ever one can make this happen and have a successful class rapport.

Be prepared for every class, be creative.

Make class real, add analogy, Lots of activity based learning.

Be energetic and passionate to teach

Love kids, be their friends, talk , share and care.

Appreciate and encourage

Commit when you are wrong or not clear

Understand child and their requirements

Change yourself first and then expect

Give opportunity to kids to speak and express

Take criticism

Never humiliate

And be there for them.

This is all you have to do. It’s hard at times but rewards you and kids too. I am what my kids made me.

So love you kids,



Hello world!

11 01 2012


I m kinnari.