Office blues turns to comic

21 03 2012


Making fun of my boring day and diet food @ office.

Don't live and smile...


Be complete in yourself

13 03 2012

My motivation to write on this topic is myself ,my past Imageexperiences, my close friends, students and all those who ever felt they are lonely on this crowded planet. Well Google search said around 79,00,000 of them.

Frequently felt and seen that people associate being alone with loneliness, boredom, and helplessness. Even the most intensely independent people I have come across have a strong desire for company and associate. At times it’s for shopping, for studying or for having fun time etc.

I am sure all of us must have come across people feeling lonely and bored. May people join gym or club when their friends agree to be a part of it. Most mob if noticed come shopping with mate, friends or family. Enter a cinema hall and you find the same stuff.

Well, humans are social animals and it’s great to socialize too but  at times when we want someone and don’t have it why do we feel depressed ? Why can’t we be just complete in our self?    and why does heart start singing “Lonely , I am so lonely , I have nobody….”  lol

Generally this phase is more in teens and young adults who constantly are in relation. Especially group  pal , love relations  ,friendship etc. Most likely disappointed, hurt, betrayed, loss plays important role.

I have experienced lousy and cheesy sentences like I am complete when you are with me or my life is complete because of my mate or friends. (Sorry for comment …people in this phase)

Fact is you need to love your self. You need no one’s love but your own. Any type of relation is not because you can lean on it.

Discover and complete yourself. If you are alone by opportunity, it’s best time to be yourself. When you enjoy spending time with friend, family and loved one , don’t be afraid of being alone at times. In fact, I relish having time for you once in a while.

Question that’s running in your mind is …what exactly one should do to be complete, happy and content with self. In order to kill loneliness most young people are getting into chat rooms, flings and excessive social networking sites. Well again here comes your dependency on someone you don’t even know. Why always search for support .Why not support for yourself. Some of my close friends have got habituated well, try out this tips, it works great with me.

  • Write. This not only increases your imagination, but also keeps you happy. This highly increases your optimism. You can also write some poetry, blog or experience.
  • Do everything you would normally do with a partner or friend. Many times it isn’t the partner or friend you are missing, but the activities and hobbies you shared. Take yourself out for a date. For example, if you would have gone out to dinner or to a movie on a date, then take yourself out to a movie or to a nice restaurant. Who said you can’t watch movie alone.
  • Learn something new: Indoor Activities: A Foreign Language, Painting, Yoga, Art Appreciation, A Musical Instrument such as piano or flute, guitar . Outdoor Activities: Gardening, Fencing, Tennis, Golf. Or Combination – things you can do indoors and out: Photography, Drawing. Enrolling in classes is fun and also helps with the social life – you will meet new people in your classes.
  • Read. Whatever you like. Just visit a crossword next to you or subscribe British council library. It fun and enjoyable and also self-education and growing.
  • Think. Be introspective. Contemplate or ponder things.
  • Exercise– Work out and get that body you’ve always wanted. Paper your body and make it look best . May be join a gym or yoga , kick boxing etc.
  • Listen to lots of music. If you are a music fan then you can enjoy being alone by listening to music you enjoy or music that brings back memories of certain events.
  • Go outside. It’s a beautiful, wired , funny and strange big world out there.
  • Set goal and achieve it. Set goal in personal and professional life. Give it your 100% and achieve it. These achievements will b with you.

Complete people make complete relations and wonderful world.

Little happiness in life

3 03 2012

Do you feel happy at times without reasons or sad, distressed without any big concern. Well it happens to me at times.

It was dam maddening day, but I could not figure it out what exactly was so terrible. Everything was just as routine, may be even that was irritating me. I was just waiting the day to end . Next morning while traveling, I felt myself being bright and happy inside and adoring everything around.  Question was why? What was so good about day?

Then I discovered that it was all about the little things in my life that I was constantly obsessing about…getting the right train in morning , the brake fast , the office assignments, the traffic, points of view that were different from mine, other people’s behavior, getting everywhere on time, bad hair day And so on. Anything and everything to upset.

But what if I said ok to everything, like fine train arriving late not in my hand then why to be upset? What if the delays in traffic were just part of the scene? What if other people’s opinion had nothing to do with my happiness? What if life would go on joyfully even if I arrived at an appointment a little bit late? What a peace ! Well at such time I remember 3 idiots dialogue…. of saying ‘All is well’ to your mind and heart.

When such little things can upset us, why not affect us for good?  Why do we always look at what’s missing instead of what’s there? Why do we always look at the bad, instead of the good? Why not rise above the Lower Self and see what the world looks like from the Higher Self?

We live in a beautiful world.

Look around you, it is amazing. Sky, beautiful sun rise, all different humans, daisies, peaches, memorial, children, languages, music, art, literature, human existence and family….so on. It is all a matter of perspective, of stepping back and taking a good look at the world around you.

Sometimes I feel earth is a museum. Meeting every single human being is experience in itself. They all are so different with their own flaws, skills, experiences, secrets, and dreams. Every man and woman holds inside of themselves a story so infinitely interesting that it could never be told completely in a film, book or conversation.

Are you discontent with your current situation? Then change it. Move elsewhere. Do something else. Befriend other people and first with yourself. If today is not a good day, wake up tomorrow and start a better day. Celebrate every little thing , like my garden plant got new flower, I completed my set deadline , I lost 2 kg’s, I bought new mobile, my mom’s completing 10,000 days on earth….well any crazy thing. Be happy and make others happy.

Life is what you make of it. Decide to be happy about life and you will be.