17 01 2013



Antipathy Towards ‘Tolerance’

11 01 2013

Years back I recollect , when I was still graduating one of the guest lecturers  said ‘ Indians are preferred abroad as they are tolerant’. May be at that time this quality was a feel good factor.

When you google  on the word  ‘tolerance’ you have all cases of zero tolerance from around the west, quoting this as a problem.

But now here is the point I feel pathetic about. Tolerance  should be  strength and not weakness.

Yes, Indians are immensely tolerant.

We are tolerant about trains running late almost every day, we can just turn blind face to the garbage dump outside our office, houses , schools anywhere.

We are the one’s who can gossip over corrupt officers , traffic man , staff members and make an entertaining topic of it , blame it on someone and forget it.

We are so cool minded when we are stuck in traffic just because of wrong parking or some political or religious procession.

We sulk at high price and low pay and just do nothing about it.

We can walk in water logging and bad potholes on the road and still smile saying it’s an amusement park ride.

We can consume  unhygienic , second class products and say they are substandard and still use it every day.

 We can listen to our in logical bosses and yet keep working like donkeys.

We can read rape, murder , robbery headline ever day , ever where and yet just be ok with it next moment.

We can say thank god and hurray when electricity comes back after long hours.

I can bet tolerance has become our weakness and we are doing no great deal by letting things go.

Influence form west has changed our dressing , our language and lifestyle  but not our outlook which I think was most important of all.