Out Of Limits

10 10 2013

I am a day dreamer. I think about most beautiful memories which I wish to live. I dream about success, love and adventure and suddenly get chills? I do that, every day. I think of my future self giving inspirational speeches, or sometimImagees think about myself on stage, sometimes I dream about being in most elegant outfit and stepping out of elongated car, I dream of being the most responsible and efficacious wife and Mother. I dream – BIG. And I force myself to do so every day.

You see, dreaming is good, because it makes you move forward. It creates ambition. It makes you want to be the best you can be.

I see myself being successful at a very young age, and living a dream life, wherever that takes me. This is what keeps me going, and I try to push of limit. I think this is important if you ever want a dream job, a happy life, or a successful start-up.

Important thing is to get out of  comfort zone. Doing nothing and dreaming will land up no where.


Dream of owning a beautiful palace like house,Each corner with elegance and expresses creative sense.

Dream of being ultimate to my own people .

Dream of being helpful to one who needs.

Dream of being calm, composed and contented.




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