Eyewitness News Report

10 10 2013

Lead the students to investigate the history. Make interview questionnaire, Interview eyewitness and then report event.

Master Heer Shah has conducted a short interview of eyewitness of event and is presenting it as a reporter.


Where will you find god?

18 03 2013


17 01 2013


Antipathy Towards ‘Tolerance’

11 01 2013

Years back I recollect , when I was still graduating one of the guest lecturers  said ‘ Indians are preferred abroad as they are tolerant’. May be at that time this quality was a feel good factor.

When you google  on the word  ‘tolerance’ you have all cases of zero tolerance from around the west, quoting this as a problem.

But now here is the point I feel pathetic about. Tolerance  should be  strength and not weakness.

Yes, Indians are immensely tolerant.

We are tolerant about trains running late almost every day, we can just turn blind face to the garbage dump outside our office, houses , schools anywhere.

We are the one’s who can gossip over corrupt officers , traffic man , staff members and make an entertaining topic of it , blame it on someone and forget it.

We are so cool minded when we are stuck in traffic just because of wrong parking or some political or religious procession.

We sulk at high price and low pay and just do nothing about it.

We can walk in water logging and bad potholes on the road and still smile saying it’s an amusement park ride.

We can consume  unhygienic , second class products and say they are substandard and still use it every day.

 We can listen to our in logical bosses and yet keep working like donkeys.

We can read rape, murder , robbery headline ever day , ever where and yet just be ok with it next moment.

We can say thank god and hurray when electricity comes back after long hours.

I can bet tolerance has become our weakness and we are doing no great deal by letting things go.

Influence form west has changed our dressing , our language and lifestyle  but not our outlook which I think was most important of all.

Undressing emotions

10 09 2012

Here is a life as it goes,

Bluff and gimmick empty show.

Bond that look rosy and comfy,

Played anchor’s holding me hard

Walking against waves and winds

Without map or chart.

The rout I stroll were my own,

The costs paid were deep wounds.

All this just because I never wanted to cinch like masses

Was I stupid for what all things I did?

All that struggle for ascend; and fame

With no game and pelf.

     I have been fair to go out with my head erect,

All I deserve is all men’s respect.

It haunts me to be myself.

I pay cost of it by taking wounds on heart.

I am secure to be me, but not the part of clan

      I never can hide myself from me,

I see what others may never see,

I know what others may never know,

I don’t want to sore with injuries on my heart,

For being all good to thou

And make me run away for what I mean by ‘me’.

           But then I m tired of being maneuver and opposed

I am about to give up on me.

 And then I can glue a mask in which everyone likes me.

My Dreams Are Not In Hands of Destiny

20 07 2012

I feel and live in my dream
And it silently screams.
Darkness can’t hide its light
It shined and will ever shine.
I hold it within
I feel and live in my dream

I live in my world…

Thousand words and act to stop
No matter what
I will hold on because I know I just can’t let go.
Life is on waves,
But I crave and I will be brave
To fight it back
to get there where I dream off
No matter how impossible it may seem
I will keep following my dreams…Maa, to make you proud
And makes the heads bow …..
I will dream ….I will dream

– Kinnari

Dare to be a good teacher

11 06 2012

It was my first year in teaching and most of the staff members look upon me with rage distrust.

Well lucky me there were few to understood my ways and method. As I have informed in earlier write up teachers are stereotyped in India and I suppose they themselves do that.

 One of the lunch break , a senior  colleague teaching my co-subject alleged – “ Maam, because of you students don’t listen or respect us any more”. At first my mind crammed with anger.

After carb’s reaching my mind it worked and I recognized the fact that – Student respect me and  on serious note they have liking and dedication towards my subject.

I think it was just about being a good educator.

Knowingly or unknowingly I followed few formulas which made me all I am-Image

1. I Really Wanted to Be a Good Teacher.

2. I Took Risks.

3. I had Positive Attitude towards my students.

4. I never had enough time to crib and gossip about student’s performance.

5. I cared for them and I really did.

6. I tried giving confidence to students

8. Tried to Motivate Students by Working Within Their Incentive System.

10. I Listened to Students.

11. I always felt not all talking is noise it may be learning.

12. My student has to have Freedom of Expression in class.

13. I believed and still believe my students are going to do big in life.

If you think you can do this, I bet… Students will like you and respect you.

Dare to be a good educator.


          Above lines, formulas and opinions are mine and not imposed on anyone who does not want to improve.